Whipping It With Red: New Scents!

We have been working hard to create some new scents for everyone to enjoy. We would like to introduce our Black Label products. We based it on the scent of our ever-popular beard oil. It has an orange base and earthy tones that come from laural leaf, bay, lime, black pepper, and a hint of clove. It was created to have a slightly more masculine vibe, but it has been well-received by everyone who has tried it! You can get the Black Label Scent in DeFunked Deodorant, Cracks Are Whack, Dry Eraser, and of course, Beard Oil. We also decided to finally tackle adding Vanilla as a core scent to our Body Butter, Sugar Scrub, Dry Eraser, Cracks Are Whack, and Smooch Butter Lines. In addition to these new scents, we rounded out a few product lines by adding an orange option to Dry Eraser, and lavender along with unscented to our Smooch Butter. Try any and all of these new scents with the code: NEW15 for 15% off. Let us know what you think! 


Stay Fantastic, 

The Natural Red Team

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