Whipping It With Red: Beard Oil Bargain

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In preparation for No-shave November, order Natural Red’s beard oil to keep your hair tamed, your skin smooth, and your beard full. The concept of No-shave November was created in 2004 to bring awareness and fund-raise for cancer patients. By not shaving and/or donating to cancer research, prevention, and education, you are supporting the national conversation about cancer.  

Natural Red’s orange and spice scented beard oil has many benefits for every type of facial hair. This concoction tames, conditions and promotes growth of beard hair while moisturizing the skin underneath.  

Use beard oil to shape your facial hair and smooth down any stray strands. In addition to shaping the hair into a manageable form, beard oil conditions the facial hair. What was once a wiry thicket of bristly beard is transformed into a groomed, smooth, facial accessory after a few uses of beard oil.  

If you have any scant spots or are wishing for a fuller, more bountiful beard, wish no more. Natual Red uses ingredients like castor oil and bhringraj powder to promote hair growth. Simply use on a regular basis and be amazed when your moustache finally fills in! 

If you are prone to beard dandruff or experience a feeling of skin irritation under your goatee, you need this beard oil! Natural Red uses castor oil, orange wax, and coconut oil to keep your skin moisturized, even if it is not seeing the light of day.  

Guard your skin against uncontrollable, coarse, sparse facial hair and say hello to managed, abundant and moisturized skin and beard! 

Use coupon code: BEARDS15 for 15% of beard oil, now through Sunday 10/31/21 

Stay fantastic,  

The Natural Red Team 

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