Whippin' It With Red: Lice Prevention Spray

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This week we are going to talk about Natural Red’s back to school must-have: Buggin’ Out Lice Prevention Spray.  

This product was part of the original Natural Red lineup. Created in 2014, this spray has been preventing lice for 7 years!  Having children with long tresses, sending them off to school was anxiety-inducing every day! Prior to this spray, Karen would put tea tree oil on the back of her children’s necks to scare away any potential vermin visitors. After a few years of doing this, she decided there must have been a better way—then, Buggin’ Out was created.This product is simple to use and incredibly effective. Karen has had kids in elementary school for 12+ years, children in 3 different schools at once for 4+ years, and lice 0 times.  

Especially in elementary school when kids are sharing lockers, the potential for lice to move from one coat to the next is incredibly high. With classrooms full of carpet, cubbies, and constant play between children, it’s a field day for these pests!  

Lice prevention spray includes tea tree, peppermint, rosemary, and lavender essential oils—these oils not only smell delicious to people but act as a lice repellent. Mist your child’s clothes, backpacks, coats, and hair with this nose-friendly spray designed to fend off lice. 

For the week of 10-3-2021, enjoy a 20% coupon on Buggin’ Out Lice Prevention Spray! Use code NOLICE at checkout for a 20% discount on your lice prevention spray.  


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