Help For Dry Skin

Guest post by Camille Leinbach, LE

Your skin is amazing. It does all kinds of cool stuff, all on its own, without you even knowing. When it is in balance, the result is smooth, soft skin.

Your skin is SO amazing, that it will let you know it is out of balance by showing you - displaying certain characteristics, such as tightness, itchiness, cracking, flaking or even angry redness and inflammation.

What is DRY SKIN?

Dry skin is a lack of oil and lipids in the skin. The skin has a protective barrier - called the 'lipid barrier' - that both protects skin from the outside environment, as well as keeping precious hydration within the skin.

This protective barrier can become compromised by environmental factors such as cold weather, indoor forced air heat or dry climates, as well as products like soaps, that strip the skin of its protective moisture. When the skin's barrier is compromised, it can experience what is called Transepidermal Water Loss - the loss of water (hydration) through the surface of the skin, which perpetuates the cycle of dryness.

Dry skin needs both hydration and oils/lipids to function properly. By applying nourishing, moisturizing and protective oils and butters, your skin is able to remain properly lubricated and is able to protect the skin's hydration, keeping it within the skin tissues where it belongs.

Do you keep applying lotion like crazy, but you are still dry?

It could be that your skin is not properly exfoliated. When skin is dry, it creates a layer of dead, flaky skin on the surface that is hard for lotions to fully penetrate. Using a gentle sugar scrub, either alone or with an exfoliating glove, can help to remove that dead layer, allowing your lotions and butters to work better.

PRO TIP: Apply your body lotions and butters immediately after rinsing off a body scrub, while the skin is still damp, to seal in hydration and protect skin from losing moisture.

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